Call for Volunteers: Heterodox Economics Booth at the ASSA 2015

We are organizing a Heterodox Economics Booth at the ASSA meetings in Boston, January 3-5, 2015. This year the booth is sponsored by Heterodox Economics Foundation, Heterodox Economics Newsletter, AFEE, AFIT, URPE, Dollars & Sense, and Sage Publication. You will find various information and materials provided by those participating associations and publishers—for example, JEI, RRPE, Dollars & Sense books, flyers, and the 2015 IWW Labor History Calendar. Most of them are free to anyone. In particular, sixty copies of IWW ”Joe Hill” calendars are provided by Fred Lee–he was asking that heterodox economists look at the Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship flyers, make contributions to the Scholarship, and encourage their doctoral students to apply for the Scholarship. We also welcome various materials you want to display, as long as they are related to heterodox economics–e.g., newsletters, flyers of upcoming conference programs and events, brochures of heterodox undergraduate/graduate programs, copies of heterodox economics journals that are published independently of heterodox economics associations, and the like. If you want to participate in the booth, please let us know. The whole point of organizing the Booth is to make heterodox economics visible to mainstream economists.

We also need volunteers who can stay at the booth and meet the visitors for one or a couple of hours. That is, volunteers represent the entire heterodox economic community. If you are attending the ASSA 2015 and you want to help us, please put your name along with contact information here:

In solidarity,

Tae-Hee Jo
SUNY Buffalo State

Zdravka Todorova
Wright State University

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