ASSA 2015 Heterodox Economics Exhibition Booth: Call for Participation/Contribution

Dear Officers of Heterodox Economics Associations, Journal Editors, and Publishers,

The Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual Meetings will take place in Boston, USA, on January 3-5, 2015. Over 10,000 economists, either heterodox or otherwise, from all over the world get together and engage in scholarly and social activities during the meetings.
One of the important activities is organizing a display booth. Following a successful “Heterodox Economics Exhibition Booth” in the past year, we are again organizing the booth in order to visibly show that there is an alternative to mainstream-neoclassical economics and to improve the publicity of heterodox economics (see the 2014 booth pictures,, and the report,
The exhibition booth is located in the John B. Hynes Convention Center which is connected to the Sheraton hotel. We would like to share this space with heterodox economics associations/institutes, heterodox economics journals, heterodox economics programs, and publishers. Various materials, such as association/journal information, membership/subscription forms, sample journal issues, books/flyers, newsletters, and the like can be displayed at the booth.
This is an expensive activity (the total cost of the 2014 booth was $3,508). So there will be a shared fee, which is not fixed until we know the number of participating associations, journals, and publishers. We also gladly accept kind donations. To make a donation, go to the Heterodox Econmics Foundation webiste ( and click on the Donate button (through PayPal).
If you (or your organization) want to participate in the booth or support this activity, contact organizers by email.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Tae-Hee Jo
SUNY Buffalo State

Zdravka Todorova
Wright State University


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