ASSA 2015 Heterodox Economics Exhibition Booth: Call for Participation/Contribution

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Dear Officers of Heterodox Economics Associations, Journal Editors, and Publishers,

The Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual Meetings will take place in Boston, USA, on January 3-5, 2015. Over 10,000 economists, either heterodox or otherwise, from all over the world get together and engage in scholarly and social activities during the meetings.
One of the important activities is organizing a display booth. Following a successful “Heterodox Economics Exhibition Booth” in the past year, we are again organizing the booth in order to visibly show that there is an alternative to mainstream-neoclassical economics and to improve the publicity of heterodox economics (see the 2014 booth pictures,, and the report,
The exhibition booth is located in the John B. Hynes Convention Center which is connected to the Sheraton hotel. We would like to share this space with heterodox economics associations/institutes, heterodox economics journals, heterodox economics programs, and publishers. Various materials, such as association/journal information, membership/subscription forms, sample journal issues, books/flyers, newsletters, and the like can be displayed at the booth.
This is an expensive activity (the total cost of the 2014 booth was $3,508). So there will be a shared fee, which is not fixed until we know the number of participating associations, journals, and publishers. We also gladly accept kind donations. To make a donation, go to the Heterodox Econmics Foundation webiste ( and click on the Donate button (through PayPal).
If you (or your organization) want to participate in the booth or support this activity, contact organizers by email.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Tae-Hee Jo
SUNY Buffalo State

Zdravka Todorova
Wright State University


5th International Seminary of Heterodox Microeconomics

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October 29-31, 2014. Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Ciudad Universitaria campus | website

Theme: Competition, innovation investment and financial structure

The economic and financial crisis worldwide has led to a strong challenge to economic policy and economic theory behind it, however, the discussion and debate in the international academic community, requires a careful and thorough analysis of the economic theory fundamentals and microeconomic theory in particular. The overall theme of reflection in this seminar is Heterodox Microeconomics and in particular Competition, investment in innovation and financial structure.

The plurality gives rise to knowledge that transcends the monopoly of a partial view of the world and its workings, offers alternatives for the student and specialist economy can think and choose between different ways of understanding the economic process, one that considers most appropriate. The plurality in the content and teaching of microeconomics among other qualities can develop research capacity and knowledge of students who are training in our universities. In this 5th International Seminary Heterodox Microeconomics, we are looking to put on the table of discussion the monopoly of neoclassical microeconomics.

In the different faculties and schools of economics at the universities of Mexico and the world, academics and researchers are committed to reflection and processing our experience in teaching and research in microeconomics, which is expressed in a continuous review of the content and methods of teaching, this is the reason why we want to invite the community of scholars interested to contribute essays and papers the 5th International Seminary on Heterodox Microeconomics. 

Association for Heterodox Economics Annual Conference 2015

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When:   July 2-4th 2015
Where:  Southampton Solent University
Conference Theme:  Growth, Cycles and Sustainability

The conference theme concerns growth. How to create it, sustain it and can we avoid the ups and downs of it. Is it good anyway given our environmental challenges, and if growth actually happens will it be even or increase inequality further. Finally, when will it end again in crisis?

Please send us abstracts, whether related to the conference theme or any other heterodox topic area, by 31st January 2015. Refereed and non-refereed options will be available for your paper (details to follow). If you wish to organise any panels of papers for the conference on particular themes, please express your interest to us by the 12th December 2014.

Please send all communications to: and
Further detail on conference fees, accommodation options to follow in due course.

For more information, visit the AHE website. 

How to get published in academic journals

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Following a session organized last year at the 2014 Boston Eastern Economic Association conferences by Steve Pressman, I compiled a list of suggestions and advice, in consultation with 13 other editors representing 12 heterodox economic journals, on how to maximize your chances of getting published and on how to deal with journal editors. [Download the document] 

While aimed at all scholars, we hope this will be useful to doctoral students and younger faculty members.

Thank you


Associate Professor – Laurentian University
Founding co-editor – Review of Keynesian Economics
Co-editor – New Directions in Post-Keynesian Economics – an Edward Elgar book series
INET grantee – The Political Economy of the New Fiscalism

2015 Joe Hill Calendar and Heterodox Economics Scholarship

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Dear All,

The 2015 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar is now available. It features Joe Hill. If you do not know who Joe Hill is, I suggest that you do a little bit of work and find out or better yet hum to yourself, “Would you have freedom from wage slavery,…”. And if you think you know something about the 1% versus the 99% and do not know who Joe Hill is then I suggest checking out the song “Preacher and the Slave” on the internet or some other strange contraption that did not exist in 1911. In the inside backpage you will find a picture of myself with Joe Hill’s ashes–this is about as close as you will get to any real hero of the working class whose life was indeed put on the line–he was executed by the capitalists in 1915. You either walk the walk or you do not; and my career (along with my colleagues from around the world) have indeed walked the walk to ensure that heterodox program exist and heterodox economists have jobs.  And this has meant significant hardships for students and colleagues (not to mention loss of employment–see “A History of Heterodox Economics”) to critically study the mainstream theory that calls into question the arguments that supports the 1%.  And it also means that you have to go beyond the critical and develop an alternative that draws upon the different heterodox approaches.

Through the Heterodox Economics Association Booth at the ASSA, 60 Joe Hill calendars will be provided free to anyone.  In return, all that is asked is that you look at the literature in the booth, in particular the scholarship material for graduate students.  It is not cheap to go to graduate school; and at times it appears that those who have have obtained their PhD have no interest in helping those who would like to get a PhD–in this case, they are certainly not walking the walk nor caring about the heterodox community of economists in which they operate.  Do something–give a damn.  For more information about the Joe Hill calendar go to; Information about the Frederic S. Lee Scholarship Fund can be found at:


Fred Lee


Professor Frederic S. Lee

AFEE President-Elect

University of Missouri-Kansas City


Personal Homepage:

Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund:

Heterodox Economics Foundation:

Heterodox Economics Newsletter:

Association for Evolutionary Economics:

Association for Heterodox Economics:

Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship: A call for contribution

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A Call for Contributions: Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund

June 10, 2014

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Heterodox Economists,

Fred Lee has been a driving force of heterodox economics movements over the past 30 years. He played a major role in establishing the Association for Heterodox Economics, founded and edited the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, edited the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, has been actively involved in heterodox associations such as AFEE, AFIT, AHE, ASE, EAEPE, HES, ICAPE, URPE, and so on. His activities and contributions are truly community-oriented and self-sacrificing. Above all, Fred has always been concerned about students since they will be the future of heterodox economics.

As some of you already know, Fred will soon retire due to an unexpected illness. In the face of uncertain life conditions, Fred and his wife, Ruth, have recently established the Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund, which is designed to financially support doctoral heterodox economics students. The Scholarship is open to all doctoral students studying in a heterodox economics program, although currently preference is given to UMKC doctoral students due to the limited amount of funds.

We are sending out this call for contributions with the hope that you share Fred’s “good-will” and make a contribution to this Fund so that more heterodox economics students can complete their studies successfully. Moreover, if you believe you are indebted to Fred for his many contributions, contribute to the Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund and support students.

To learn more about the Fund, visit here:

To make a contribution, visit here:

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Sincerely yours,

John F. Henry
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Tae-Hee Jo
SUNY Buffalo State

IIPPE Training Workshop (November 5, London)

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Following its very successful Training Workshop in Naples in September, the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE) has decided to repeat the Workshop on Wednesday 5 November 2014 at the Vernon Square campus of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London from 9.45am to 5pm.

The morning session will be given by Marco Veronese Passarella, and will focus on the development of the labour theory of value through Smith, Ricardo and Marx, including a summary of Marx’s account of the formation of prices of production. The afternoon session will be led by Simon Mohun, and will continue the morning session with a focus on value and price as they have been theorised in this tradition since the 1970s.

As ever, we seek an audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students, junior academics and activists, who have a particular interest in acquainting themselves both with some of the basic principles of Marxian political economy and its controversies, and with the relevance of Marxian political economy to the contemporary world.

IIPPE will provide tea and coffee during am and pm breaks, together with a sandwich lunch. We ask all participants to contribute £5 at registration on the day to help defray costs of this provision.

If you wish to apply to attend this workshop, please send a note to that effect, before Tuesday 28 October with your name and occupation/affiliation, to Serap Saritas <>

AHE Post Graduate Methodology Workshop 2015

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Call for participants

Association for Heterodox Economics Funded post graduate workshop on advanced research methods

15th-16th January 2015 Open University London Centre

There are funded places available for registered Ph.D. students to cover UK travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for the above event. The workshop covers topics in research not typically covered in economics training. The workshop is open to any Ph.D. students, but UK-registered Ph.D. students have priority. Funding priority will be given to UK-registered students. However, overseas students may apply for (partial) funding from the Heterodox Economics Foundation. Students who have previously attended are not eligible for funding.

Further details (final deadline for applications 14th October, 2014):

For information on how to apply, and for further details, please contact

Dr Andrew Mearman Email. Bristol Business School

University of the West of England

BS16 1QY U.K.

Download the AHE Post Graduate Training Workshop 2015 Call for Participants .

Report on the Heterodox Economics Booth at the ASSA 2014 Meetings

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The community of heterodox economists hosted an exhibition booth at the ASSA meetings (January 3-5, 2014, Philadelphia, USA) under the title of “Heterodox Economics.” We’d like to say thank you all the heterodox economics associations(1), journals(2), publishers(3), and individuals(4) who supported the booth financially and volunteers(5) who helped staff the booth.

We are glad to report that the booth was very successful. Many people stopped by the booth; heterodox economists came to the booth to pick up materials (books, flyers, brochure, etc), while non-heterodox economists or those who never heard of heterodox economics stopped at the booth and asked “what is heterodox economics?” (or questions like that). Even some visitors took a picture of the heterodox economics banner, HeterodoxEconomics: Alternative Critical Theory to the Status Quo (click on the link to see a picture).

We believe that such a collective activity is worthwhile and necessary (although it is expensive(6)). It helps make heterodox economics community better organized and more visible to other economists. We are quite certain that the booth has shown to many economists that there are alternative, unconventional economists who resist the status quo in economics. We hope that we can organize it again next year. Your participation and support will make this happen.

In solidarity,

Tae-Hee Jo (SUNY Buffalo State)
Frederic S. Lee (University of Missouri – Kansas City)



(1) Association for Evolutionary Economics, Association for Heterodox Economics, Association for InstitutionThought, Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions,Association for Social Economics, Union for Radical Political Economics.

(2) Review of Radical Political Economics, Journal of Economic Issues, Economic and Labour RelationsReview.

(3) Dollars & Sense, SAGE pub

(4) Ron Baiman, William Van Lear, Ronald G. Bodkin, John F. Henry, Johan Westenburg, Frederic S.Lee

(5) Avi Baranes (UMKC), Alex Binder (UMKC), Ron Baiman (Benedictine University), Erik Dean (PortlandCommunity College), Christine Ngo (Drew University), Hendrik van den Berg (U of Nebraska), Kerem Cantekin (Uof Utah), Steven Payson (AIRLEAP)

(6) Total contributions: $2,437.56; Total expenditures: $3,508.62; Balance: -$1,071.06

Pictures of the ASSA Booth 2014







Heterodox Economics Exhibition Booth at the ASSA 2014

January 3-5, 2014. Marriott Downtown Hotel, Philadelphia, USA

Dear Heterodox Economists,

The Heterodox Economics Newsletter is hosting a booth at the ASSA in Philadelphia.  The point of the booth is to make heterodox economics visible to mainstream economists.  The total cost of the booth comes to around $2,000.  So it is an expensive activity to try to get noticed by the mainstream.  Remaining invisible is not really an option.  We would like to have flyers and other kinds of materials detailing the various heterodox associations and their activities and various heterodox undergraduate/graduate programs and their activities.  Flyers and other materials of heterodox journals and publishers are also welcome; and finally, even individual heterodox economists could have materials at the booth (of course subject to space).  Remember the point of the booth is to make heterodox economics visible in a hostile environment, so do not expect lots of people to stop by the booth and pick up your particular flyer etc.  This is a collective activity to help the heterodox community as a whole.  So far only URPE/RRPE has come forward to support us.*  We invite you to participate in the booth by providing flyers etc. material to be displayed, stopping by the booth just to say hello, or even helping staff the booth for say an hour so to answer any questions from interested (or even non-interested, anti-interested economists).  So avoid the sins of respectability and self-centerness and do not be a free-rider–lend a hand.

Contact Tae-Hee Jo ( or Frederic Lee ( if you have any questions and/or willing to support this activity.


Frederic Lee and Tae-Hee Jo
To make a contribution to the booth, follow the PayPal link.